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Milee The Sheep and Her Animal Orchestra, 2009

Video & Live performance, 7mins 43seconds

The video piece was a live action undertaken in a remote woods near Newstead Abbey in Nottinghamshire. The 8 minute video shows a group of half humans, half cloned animals performing an abstract musical score around the trees from dawn to the dusk. The video piece was used as a backdrop in a live performance with the same group of people gathered together again at an auditorium space at The Collection in Lincoln, here the broken rhythms were played in front of a live public. The live performance started off with a monkey headed creature played piano with his ping-pong ball fingers, while Milee The Sheep struck a bass drum with a single light bulb in the dark, dragging long ghostly shadows of the animal creatures on the walls to form the similarity to shapes of the trees.

Commissioned by Lincoln Art Programme, supported by Arts Council England and The Collection.